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The StepMom Academy Masterclasses & Coaching

Discover the 5 secrets to dealing with difficult stepfamily emotions and power dynamics. I am excited to share several new techniques that transform Stepmoms’ lives for the better.

 “This was profoundly life changing.”

Student & Coaching Client

Stepmomming is like an extreme sport, like base jumping. We balance high risk and high reward. I didn’t know this when I first agreed to help raise stepchildren. I fell, hard. It cost me $120,000, my health, and even my hope for being loved - it all vanished into an abyss of overwhelm, isolation, and loneliness. 2 in 100 base jumpers don’t make it. 70 in 100 stepmoms crash and burn.

When I agreed to help raise stepchildren again, it was with a whole new plan to become more decisive, positive, and have a clearer role with boundaries. It worked! Now, with almost 20 years of experience stepmomming and coaching, I have packaged the most transformative lessons into Stepmom Academy Masterclasses and Coaching. It is my mission to help Stepmoms beat the odds and live their best lives. 

Ready to turn stepmom stress into massive wellbeing?


Stepmom Academy Masterclasses

Being Developed

Step-by-step guidance to radically reduce Stepmom stress, gain more control and positive connection, and live your best life.


Stepmom Academy Coaching


Be heard, really heard. Move forward.

  • 6 bi-weekly 60-minute calls focused on improving your life
  • Summary of calls, with action steps
  • BONUS: 6 months of private community membership with live events to accelerate the positive changes in your life. 

Provider Consulting

Insights to boost client results.

Healthcare, mental health, trauma therapists, teachers, and other providers deliver more effective support when informed about the significant impacts of stepfamily dynamics on their clients.

Become a stepfamily-informed practitioner and boost the positive results of your care.


Be Heard

“Iishana has the rare ability to really listen and hear what is getting in the way. She woke me up and I was finally able to improve my health while dealing with all the craziness. I have so much more peace now.” Coaching Client

Get Unstuck

“I finally had the breakthrough I needed to take control of my life, which had become a runaway train. Thank you, iishana!” Student

Power Up!

“This experience was so much more than I expected. I learned that I have a lot more power over my life than I thought. I accomplished my goal and I feel more alive.” Coaching Client

Your Wisdom + the 5 Keys = Epic Woman

You bring a great deal of commitment to wellness and connection. We will tap into this to power up your results. Your commitment to making life better even when faced with the unmatched complexity of stepfamily makes the Stepmom Academy possible. It was created so you can take the next step forward into your immense power to heal yourself and your stepfamily relationships.


You Matter | You Belong | You Have a Purpose | You Can Do It!